ADK Corporate Group treats health and safety as a high priority.

We employ a full-time, highly qualified Health and Safety Manager who brings years of experience across numerous jurisdictions to the ADK Corporate Group. This allows us to ensure the highest standard of health and safety across our many business relationships and interests, prioritizing employee safety, wellness, and health above all else.

Training programs are available to employees of the ADK Corporate Group, including WHMIS, First Aid, H2S Alive and Safety. Having a qualified workforce with a focus on safety is a key element in reducing workplace accidents, and the ADK Corporate Group works closely with the governments of the Northwest Territories Workers Compensation Board and the British Columbia Workplace Safety Commission to ensure that proper procedures are followed regarding health, safety, and the handling of incidents.

ADK adheres to the highest standard when operating across jurisdictions, ensuring that all federal, provincial, territorial, and industry standards are met or exceeded in our practice. Our practices and policies are dedicated to providing clear, consistent direction to our employees, enabling them to work with confidence and security in their daily operations. The businesses under the ADK Corporate Group meet the requirements of the ISNetworld. This online database is used by the oil and gas industry to pre-qualify contractors for projects, and maintains records of health, safety, and environmental tickets.

Wholly owned companies under the ADK Corporate Group have a designated Health and Safety Manual that is available to every employee in the organization, and is supplied on-site